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Green Street Systems open bottomed tree filter systems are a Low Impact Development (LID) solution to stormwater management providing direct infiltration of stormwater runoff close to its source.  Green Street Systems (GSS) tree filter systems can provide sustainable, LID stormwater management to new development, redevelopment, and tight, urban retrofits.*

Unlike conventional tree box filters, the GSS tree filter system frame is open on the sides to allow for lateral root migration and healthy tree growth.  Also unlike concrete box systems, GSS tree filter system design includes a pretreatment sediment collection sump to catch trash, sand, and sediment prior to entering the filtration system.  This basin can be easily cleaned from the curbside with DPW vactor equipment. 

GSS tree filter systems use bioretention and soil filtration to collect and filter stormwater runoff through layers of mulch, soil media, plant roots, and gravel.  Pollutants, such as oil, grease, bacteria, nitrogen, phosphorous, and heavy metals, are retained, broken down or absorbed. Because the system is open bottomed, treated water is then infiltrated into the ground, but can be directed into a traditional stormwater collection system or underground storage chambers if infiltration is not possible.

Green Street Systems sustainable tree filter system designs reduce the impact of development, contribute to green space, add value to the property, and improve quality of life.

GSS tree filter systems can earn LEED points in the Sustainable Sites subcategories for Stormwater Management: Quantity Control and Quality Control and for Materials and Resource Selection.

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